Are you in desperate need of a wardobe redo? Do you want some fun and unique pieces added to your life? Are you tired of shopping and want somehow to do it for you?

How it Works:

  • Fill in the enquiry form
  • We will get into contact via email and have a consultation
  • We will shop for you and curate the perfect bundle of thrifted goodness!

If you would like to get a thrifted bundle, ENQUIRE HERE


4hr in-person session at your home or in store. This is a chance to cull and edit your wardrobe, whilst learning how to wear what you already own!
Cost: $350 + receive $200 in store credit

What’s included:
+ Wardrobe organisation and sorting.
+ I teach you about strategic purchasing + slow fashion education (how to avoid fast fashion trends, cheap clothes, impulse buys).
+ Together we come up with a shopping list of wardrobe gaps (staple pieces needed), I follow up by sending links to finds that fulfil that list- or I can can personally source for you.

If you are interested in this service, please ENQUIRE HERE

*For local customers only, or small travel fee for Brisbane/ Byron.

*This styling service is given by our business owner, Brittany and team members if needed


3hrs in-person session.
Personal thrift shopping experience where I take you around to local op shops and teach you the tips and tricks to be a thrifter yourself!
Cost: $200 + receive $100 in store voucher

What's included:

+ Lean about what to look for and what to avoid.
+ How to op-shop and where to source vintage.
+ Knowledge of what is quality vintage and what isn’t and understanding of fabrics.
+ Learn about sustainable fashion and where to find anything and everything!

If you are interested, ENQUIRE HERE


Shooting something special but need the clothing for it? Heuey & Scout offers styling loans for local stylists only - clothing and props available for both small or large scale productions. Depending on your request, we can work something else. The owner of Heuey & Scout will be in charge of the styling and wardobe work.

If you are interested, please email us: